I'm Not a Programmer, Nor Do I Play One on TV.

My objective is not to develop games or nifty applications for users of mobile devices. Rather it is to design and/or reformat web content to mobile-friendly interfaces that scale to fit small screen mobile appliances. Moreover, my goal meet my objective by deployment a single code set, using stylesheets (CSS) to control the display of content on a variety of screen sizes (aka. mobile devices). That's right. One stylesheet, driving one web site on several different devices.

Write Once! Use Everywhere! The convergence battle cry of developers far and wide. This project is a baby step in that direction. This experiment is fraught with ongoing problems that will eventually be solved as my knowledge and experience increases. Irregular content display in a variety of browsers and players whose technologies are far from mature, is ongoing. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

For any seasoned web designer with the desire to design for mobile, here are the cold hard facts:

Cluelessness > Humility > Nirvana.
For the novice mobile designer, there are three stages in the cycle of maturation:

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