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 New Stuff From the Designer Sandbox 2010

Mild-mannered wage-earner or job seeker by day.
Wild and crazy perpetrator of creative mirth and mayhem after dark...

Big Birdicus Gigantum

Big Birdicus Gigantum Infographics Project

I like to call this a nuanced act of rebellion. But let's not let those details spoil the fun here. Wait til I show you my guillotine mechanical. I had originally planned to do one of an electric chair, but I thought that might be a little over the top...

  Flash tabbed menu home

"Let them eat cake!"

View Flash tabbed menu preview here.

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  Wwwellington Virtual Map Project

Virtual State of WWWellington

I spent almost half my life in Hawaii, so island life remains a major source of creative inspiration for me. Now I seem destined to spend the other half of my life in rain soaked Seattle, where 70 days of sunny days per year is normal , and tropical islands exist only in my dreams. But wait...as an interactive designer, aren't most of my days are spent on the internet, where every day is sunny?

So, I created my very own VIRTUAL tropical island. The only umbrellas needed here are the ones floating around in your virtual Mai Tai. So, Wwwellington Island says aloha! E komo mai [Welcome].

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  Seattle Ukulele Festival

Seattle Internet Ukulele Festival 2009

Ok, so we've got a headless Hawaiian guy strumming an ukulele in the rain-soaked city of Seattle in December at a festival that exists only in the twisted mind of the artist. This is a lesson how to ruin two perfectly good concepts by being overly-possessive of both and trying to turn them into something they are not. It began as two separate concepts but I was so smitten by both of them, I couldn't let go of either of them. Version 1.0 is design gone amuk. In Hawaii, we would say: "AUWE!" Version 2.0 is a recent update...better but not there yet. Stay tuned for V3.0...

  Seattle Ukulele Festival

Seattle Internet Ukulele Festival 2010

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  Brushfest Poster

BrushFest - An Illustrator Preset Exchange Event

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 Aloha Tweeta
"Let's talk story..."

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Balloon Toon
Balloon Adventure in Toonville

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Cartoonsicle Character Study in Pink

Balloon Toon
WA State Alternative Energy Initiative 2010 Design Comp

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Batman Mini-Figs
"Welcome to a World Without Rules" Batman Lego Mini-Figs

View Flash animation here.

I loved the movie, Batman, The Dark Knight. I wanted to pay hommage to Keith Ledger for his stunning performance and to the movie, from a slightly skewed vantage point. It was either going to be yellow rubber duckies, candy Peeps or Lego Mini-figs. For the sake of expediency, Batman clad mini-figs were in abundant supply so I bought a few images and got started. This was a task-based Flash animation tutorial assignment for Flash Basics.

 Meowlanie Griffith and Owl Pacino star in:

Flaws...A Twisted Fairy Tale of Love On the High Seas

by WhatWereYOUSmokin' Productions

Flaws, A Twisted Fairytale of Love

Oh no, not another lame Jaws parody. Yes, Martha. I'm afraid it's true. Only this time, the story has a demented Owl and Pussy Cat Meets Jaws perspective. You see, contract difficulties prevented Richard DryFish from reprising his former role, so the screenplay was rewritten when Owl Pacino was chosen to replace DryFish.

What a shame the production was shut down after the untimely accidental beaching of its consummate, leading star, MegaDeath ManEater Shark. Affectionately knwon as M & M to his friends, Mega was an excellent swimmer. No one could have predicted this tragedy. Hollywood insiders are comparing M & M's performance to the legendary Charley the Tuna...

Slideshow model previews

 Putting the FUN in Flash FUNdamentals

I spent the better part of 6 months previewing several slideshow models to display portfolio images. In the end, I've decided Flash is not the most efficient portfolio model, especially for conversion to other device formats. While I work on a few jquery image gallery models, here are a few of the Flash models I tested:

View horizontal illustration slideshow here.

View thumbnail photo slideshow here.

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